LUKE MARC HUGHES | Drums & Percussion


Now offering remote recording sessions at an affordable rate getting live drums on your song(s) could not be easier. Simply follow the steps below and get in touch via the email link below…


1. Send me an mp3 of your track, we will then discuss exactly what you are after (feel, sound, style etc) and find the right approach for the song. Any midi tracks demoing your drum idea’s are preferable but not essential. (It is also good to send me reference tracks to styles and sounds you like, this helps me understand exactly the sound you’re looking for.)

2. I will then record your song at my private studio ‘Ladyhill’ to the mp3 guide track you have provided and send you back an mp3 with the drums added.

3. We will then discuss any necessary changes that need to be made until you are 100% happy with your drum tracks. Once this is done I will then send you the final files in the format of your choice to add in to your project.


– Mixing is also available at an extra cost if your wish to have your track back in an mp3 or WAV file format.



(3) Changes and alterations can be made up to 3 times within the original quote! Additional changes after may be extra. (4) Invoices must be payed in full before receiving the final files and credit must be given on CD artwork/online notes etc.

This way of recording is quickly becoming a favourable way to work throughout the industry and the very first step is getting in touch,

So lets gets started!…